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September 28 , 1999 20:53PM




KOTA BAHARU, Sept 28 (Bernama) -- The Kelantan government is looking into setting up a centre for the production of halal food for the Southeast Asian and European markets.

State Secretary Datuk Wan Hashim Wan Daud said the study on the project was was being done by the state Economic Planning Unit in collaboration with Thailand which had succeeded in establishing such a centre in its southern province of Pattani.

"Information on the centre is being gathered for submission to the state government for implementation as Kelantan has the potential for development in agriculture," he said after opening a seminar on Quran-based agriculture and an agriculture and food exposition at Universiti Malaya, here.

Wan Hashim also said that the Lojing highlands in Gua Musang would be developed for agriculture as it had fertile soil suitable for planting vegetables and flowers.

No project had been carried out commercially in the area because of the lack of facilities and infrastructure, he said, adding that the construction of the highway and road in the highlands by the federal government would help develop the area.

He said that following the success of the 10 youths sent there to farm, the state government would encourage more young people to take up agriculture in the area. -- BERNAMA


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